Resetting LMS Links

This guide will demonstrate how to reset a link to Echo360 in Blackboard so the link can be reassigned.

Accessing Echo360 from Blackboard

Image of a content area in Blackboard showing a link to Echo360 with an arrow pointing to it.

To access Echo360 from Blackboard and to link your Echo360 content to Blackboard, click on the link you have just created using the instructions above.  You can then link to either the Section Home in Echo360, where users would be able to access all available Echo360 videos and interactive presentations from one link, or you can link to individual class sessions, where students would be taken directly to the video or presentation you wish for your students to view. Note: If you are accessing the Active Learning Platform through Blackboard for the first time, you will be prompted to log into Echo360 using your Echo360 username and password. This will only appear the first time you access your Echo content from Blackboard.

  1. Reset LMS Link: Click this button to reset a single LMS link, leaving all other links the same. The link will now point to the section home of the currently linked section.
  2. Unlink LMS Course: Click this button to unlink all links to the same Echo360 section from Blackboard. You will then be able to relink to a different Echo360 section.

If a link is linked to a single Echo360 content item, click either Back to All Classes, or the class name in the upper right corner to return to the section home where the content can be unlinked.