Notes for Classroom Recording

When recording scheduled captures in rooms with hardware capture equipment, the equipment will record automatically. If you perform an ad hoc capture using a Pod device, please contact, and let us know your name, classroom, and the time you recorded the video and we can associate the video with your Echo account.

If you are setting up a scheduled capture in a room with the Universal Capture: Classroom software installed, you must be logged into the room computer prior to the start of the capture and remain logged in until the capture concludes.

You may also open Classroom Capture from the room computer desktop to perform an ad-hoc capture. The capture will record for two hours, but can be extended if needed.

The software installed on the room computer will only capture the room computer. It will not capture anything on a laptop computer plugged in as a guest computer. If you use your own computer in the classroom, you would need to use Universal Capture: Personal installed on your computer to record.