Publishing a Lecture

When recording a video using Personal Capture, the file is stored on your computer until you publish the video. Follow the steps below to learn how to publish a video so that others may view it.

Log into Echo360

Image of the Echo360 Personal Capture software with an arrow pointing to the Login link at the top of the screen.

If you are not currently logged in, you will need to click the Login button in the upper right hand corner.

Logging into Echo360, Part 2

Image of the Echo360 login screen

A new tab will open in your default web browser, with a space to enter your UT email address. After entering your email address, click the Submit button.

Selecting your Institution

Image of the Select Institution screen

If your Echo360 account is used by other institutions, select The University of Toledo from the dropdown menu and click the Submit button.

Entering your UTAD Credentials

Entering your UTAD Credentials

You will now see UT's institutional login page. On this page, enter your UTAD username and password in the required fields and click the Sign In button.

Returning to Personal Capture

Returning to Personal Capture

You will now see a dialog box asking you to Open Echo360 Personal Capture. Select the option to Open Echo360 Personal capture and you will see the Personal Capture  software will appear on screen.

Click Publish Recording

The Edit Recording screen with a red box around the Publish Recording button

Click the Publish Recording button.

Select Course

The Publish screen with a list of courses to which the user can select to publish and a red box around the Next button

Select the course to which you want to publish your lecture. If it is a general video not associated with a course, you can publish it to the course titled Personal Library in your list of courses. Then click the Next button.

Edit Echo Details

The Publish Recording screen with a red box around the Publish button

Title your video and then click the Publish button.


Image of a sample email confirmation from Echo

After you have published your video to either your library or course, you will receive an email confirmation message.