Importing Student Simulation

Follow the steps below to learn how to import the Collaborate Ultra simulation into your course.

Download the File

Click the link on the Student Training Modules page in the Faculty Resource Center. This will download the simulation file to your computer.

Navigate to a Blackboard course where you are the instructor.

Access the Course's Tool Availability Page

Access the Course's Tool Availability Page

In the Control Panel, expand the Customization menu and select Tool Availability.

Enable SCORM

Enable Content Package (SCORM) by checking the last box in the row for that tool. Then click the Submit button.

Uploading the Simulation

Navigate to a content area to upload the simulation, then hover over Build Content and select Content Package (SCORM).

Add Content Package

Click the Browse My Computer button, select the file you downloaded, and click the Submit button.

Alter Settings

1. Enter the title you would like for the simulation.

2. Optional: Enter a description.

3. Make the SCORM available.

4. Alter the number of attempts students are allowed.

5. Optional: Limit availability.

6. Select the type of grading desired and associated settings.

7. Optional: Select a due date.

8. Click the Submit button.