Moving Items

This guide will demonstrate how to move files and folders within the course Content Collection

Accessing the Course Content Collection

Image of the control panel with the following annotations: 1.Click on Content Collection.2.Select the course ID of the current course listed beneath the Content Collection header.

To access the course content collection, go to the Blackboard Control Panel:

  1. Click on Content Collection.
  2. Select the course ID of the current course listed beneath the Content Collection header.


Moving Files, Part 1

You will now see a screen labeled Course Content.  To move course files and folders to another location:

  1. Locate the file(s) you wish to move and check the checkboxes to the left of the filenames.
  2. Click the Move button at the top of the page.

Moving Files, Part 2

After clicking the Move button, you will see a screen labeled Move Content:

  1. Content Information: This section lists all the selected files.
  2. Destination: Click the Browse button to locate a destination within the course. For more information, please refer to the next step.
  3. If selected, the system automatically overwrites the existing file with the same name: Check this option to overwrite any existing files within the selected destination folder.
  4. When finished, click the Submit button to move the files into the selected folder.

Browsing Folders

After clicking Browse, you will then see the Content Collection for the course.  The information below will assist in navigating the content collection:

  1. Location: This bar shows the current location within the content collection.
  2. To navigate one folder or level up, click the upward-pointing arrow button.
  3. To navigate within a folder, click on the folder name.
  4. To select a folder to move content to, select the radio button that appears next to the folder name.

When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


Image of the green notification bar that reads Success: Item Moved.

After clicking Submit, you will receive a green notification bar indicating that moving the item was successful.