Creating Multiple Grade Columns

The Batch Create Grade Columns tool allows instructors to create multiple manually created columns at one time, instead of creating columns one at a time. Instructors will need to enable this tool in their course prior to using it.

Accessing the Batch Create Grade Columns Tool

Image of the Control Panel in Blackboard showing the Course Tools option highlighed in a red circle with a number 1 to the left of it. The Course Tools section is expanded to show the Batch Create Grade Columns tool highlighted with a red circle and a number 2 to the left of it.

To access the Batch Create Grade Columns tool, go to the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Course Tools.
  2. Select Batch Create Grade Columns.

Specifying the Number of Columns to Create

Image of the Batch Grade Column Creator showing an arrow pointing to the right of the Number of Columns field with a text bubble indicating to enter the number of columns to create here. In the the bottom right corner, an arrow is pointing to the Submit button with instructions to click the Submit button.

You will now see a screen labeled Batch Grade Column Creator. In the space labeled Number of Columns, type in the number of columns you wish to create and click the Submit button.

Entering Column Names and Information

Image of the Enter Column Information screen showing the following four columns: 1. Column Name; 2. Primary Display Type; 3. Category; 4. Points Possible. In the bottom right is the Sumbit button accompanied with a number 5.

The next screen will allow you to enter the column details for each column you created:

  1. Column Name: Enter the name for each Grade Center column in this field. Note: The column entered in the bottom row will appear in the Grade Center first.
  2. Primary Display Type: Enter the desired Primary Display for the grade using the drop down menu for each column. The available options include Score, Letter, Percentage, Text, and Complete/Incomplete. The primary display determines how grades are entered in the Grade Column, and how the grade is shown to students.
  3. Category: The Category dropdown menu allows you to assign a category for the grade column.
  4. Points Possible: Enter the total points possible for each column here.
  5. When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to create the column.

The columns will now be created in the Grade Center. You will now be taken back to the Enter Number of Columns screen.