Deleting Multiple Grade Columns

The Batch Delete Grade Columns tool allows instructors to delete multiple manually-created columns at once. Columns linked to a Blackboard assessment tool such as an assignment or test will not appear in the list of columns that can be deleted. Instructors will need to enable this tool in their course prior to using it. Note: Please check the Full Grade Center to ensure there are not any columns with grades you wish to delete, as there are no indicators here that the columns contain grades.

Accessing the Batch Delete Grade Columns Tool

Image of the Control Panel in Blackboard showing the Course Tools option highlighed in a red circle with a number 1 to the left of it. The Course Tools section is expanded to show the Batch Delete Grade Columns tool highlighted with a red circle and a number 2 to the left of it.

To access the Batch Delete Grade Columns tool, go to the Control Panel:

  1. Click on Course Tools.
  2. Select Batch Delete Grade Columns.

Selecting Columns to Delete


Image of a dialog box reading says: Ayre you sure you want to delete X columns? Below the message is a cancel button and an OK button. The OK button is outlined with a red circle.

You will then be presented with a dialog box confirming your choice. Click the OK button to delete the columns. You will then see a message on the top of the screen reading: Success! X Grade Column(s) deleted.