Creating a New Goal Set

Step 1 - Access the Outcomes Assessment Tab

Login to Blackboard Learn and click on the Outcomes Assessment tab.

Step 2 - Click the View Goals button

Click the View Goals button located just under the Outcomes Assessment tab. The Create Goal Set pop-up box should then be displayed (as shown below).

Step 3 - Create the Goal Set

Move your cursor over Add Goal Set and then select Create New Goal Set from the drop-down menu.

Enter the Set Name

Type the desired Goal Set Name in the text box provided. The Set Name is used to group the goals together so they can be filtered by the Set Name when searching the system for the goal at a later time.

Enter the Set Type or select an existing Set Type

Enter the Set Type in the textbox provided.

  1. Begin typing in the name for the Set Type.
  2. If the Set Type has already been created, then the existing name will be displayed.
  3. Select the Set Type from the list of existing Set Type names.

Select the desired Status

Select the desired Status
  1. Click on the desired Status for the Goal Set button (1, 2, or 3):
  2. Active - the goal is displayed in the system
  3. Inactive - the goal is not displayed in the system
  4. Restricted Use - the goal can only be aligned in courses that have been associated to a category in the Goal Set.

Click Submit

Click Submit

Click the Submit button to create the Goal Set and a Category called Goals is automatically created (as shown below)

The newly created Goal Set and Category