Scheduling an Automatic Capture

Echo360 in the classrooms can be scheduled so that lectures are automatically recorded, and they can also be automatically uploaded to Blackboard.

Schedule Your Class in an Echo-enabled Room

Important! You must log into Blackboard and link your Blackboard course to Echo360 prior to requesting scheduled recordings

Be sure to schedule your class in a room with the Echo360 hardware or software if you want your classes to be recorded. View this link to see which rooms are equipped for automatic scheduling.

Note: If you are using scheduled recordings in a room with software capture, only the room computer will be able to be captured. If you wish to use your own computer, you would need to launch the capture software on your computer and manually start each recording.

Complete the Classroom Recording Request Form

Please complete the classroom recording request form at this link:

Echo360 Classroom Recording Request

For scheduled captures, you will need to log in to the room computer each class period for the automatic capture to begin.