How to Connect a Mac to the Kramer

Follow the steps below to learn how to install VIA, the necessary computer software for connecting to the Kramer.

Identifying Room Name

After following steps in the Turning On the Kramer guide, identify the Room Name of the device.

Entering Room Name in Browser

Open your preferred browser and type the Room Name in the address bar of the browser. Then hit Enter.

Installing VIA

Click the Install VIA button to download the software.

Running VIA Setup

In the folder where the software was installed, double-click the .dmg file.

Moving VIA to the Applications Folder

Moving VIA to the Applications Folder

After the software installs, a VIA Setup dialog box will open. Drag the VIA icon into the Applications folder.

Opening VIA

Opening VIA

Before connecting to the Kramer, open the Applications folder on the computer and click the icon for the VIA software. Note that when connecting a wireless device to the Kramer, the device must be connected to the PrivateN wireless network.

Allowing VIA to Open

Allowing VIA to Open

The first time the VIA software is opened on a computer, users may be prompted to click the Open button as a safety feature on Mac devices.

Type the Room Name and Nick Name

Room Name and Nick Name
  1. Type the Room Name in the Room Name dialog box. The Room Name is a string of numbers that can be found on the Kramer welcome screen. For instructions on how to find this, see the Turning on the Kramer guide.
  2. Type a Nick Name for your computer. This is the name that will appear to other participants in the session. After typing a name, click the Login button.

Enter the Room Code

Room Code

Type the Room Code into the Room Code dialog box. To find the code, see the 4-digit number displayed on the screen in the room. Upon entering the code, click the Login button. You will then be a participant in the session.