Remote Delivery Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide is a resource for faculty who need to temporarily transition their course(s) from face to face to remote delivery. It covers the most applicable functions of various tools available to help you get started and is not a comprehensive guide to online course design and delivery. The document is fluid and will continue to change as needs are identified.  


UToledo Online supports several tools and services that can be used for remote delivery of courses including Blackboard Learn, Echo360, and Collaborate Ultra. There are many alternatives to these tools. Faculty are encouraged to use what they are most comfortable with at this time. 


Faculty can contact UToledo Online for assistance using these methods: 

Listed below are brief descriptions of tools available and supported by UToledo Online that you can use to make your course content available, communicate with students, collect assignments, and conduct online tests, with direct links to the step-by-step guides for each tool. Faculty are also encouraged to collaborate with other instructors in their department that have experience using these tools. In addition, UToledo Online has created a comprehensive video tutorial. The video has full viewer controls that allow you to start, stop, and scroll through the content as needed. 

Use Blackboard Learn (Blackboard) to post course materials, communicate with students, and collect assignments.

Use Blackboard Learn (Blackboard) to post course materials, communicate with students, and collect assignments. 

Blackboard is the primary Learning Management System (LMS) used for online, blended, and web-assisted courses at The University of Toledo. All courses automatically get a Blackboard course site with your students enrolled in it. You can access Blackboard directly at or via the Blackboard link in the MyUT Portal. 


You can use your Blackboard course site(s) to: 

  • Post files like syllabi, schedules, PowerPoints, videos, and other content online for your students. 
  • Communicate with your class asynchronously using announcements, discussion boards, and email. 
  • Conduct live class sessions or office hours with live audio, video, and screen sharing with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra web conferencing. (More info in the Blackboard Collaborate section.) 
  • Create assignment “drop boxes” for students to submit work. 
  • Record and post video lectures using Echo360 from your computer. (More info in the Echo360 Section) 

Link to Blackboard Learn Full Guide

Please note that these guides are fully searchable.

Use Echo360 Universal Capture to record lectures (video/audio/screen/Powerpoint) on your office/home computer and make them available to students in Blackboard.

Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal allows instructors to capture video and audio from their webcam and computer screen simultaneously in order to publish it online for students to review.  

Link to Echo360 Full Guide

All videos you publish to the selected course session will be accessible to students through the Echo360 course link.

Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to host live web conferences with your students. You can use this tool to conduct class or host virtual office hours.

Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing tool that allows faculty to synchronously communicate online with students anywhere in the world.  Collaborate sessions can also be recorded for students to view at a later time. It is available for use through Blackboard for all courses. 

Link to Blackboard Collaborate Full Guide