Viewing Messages in Blackboard

This lesson will demonstrate how to view messages received using the Messages tool in Blackboard.

Accessing the Messages Tool

Image of the Blackboard course menu with the Messages link outlined with a red circle

Log into your Blackboard course and click on the Messages link in the course menu.

Viewing Messages, Part 1

You will now see a screen labeled Course Messages.  This screen shows the number of unread messages and total messages received within the course.  To view your messages, click the link labeled Inbox.

Viewing Messages, Part 2

You will now see all the messages you have received within the current course.  Unread messages will be marked by a closed envelope.  To open a message, click on the Subject of the message you would like to read.

Viewing Messages, Part 3

You will now see the body of the message on screen.

  1. Press Reply to send a message back to the sender.
  2. Press Forward to send a copy of the current message to another recipient.
  3. Press Delete to remove the message from your message list.
  4. Press the Print button to print the message.
  5. When finished, click OK to go back to the message list.