Enabling the Respondus Lockdown Browser Building Block

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special browser that prevents students from copying and pasting text, taking screenshots, or opening other webpages or applications while taking an online test or survey in Blackboard.  Additionally, instructors can also use Respondus Monitor to record audio and video of the test taker during the test, allowing instructors to confirm student identity and serve as a greater deterrent to cheating.  Students must access tests using the Lockdown Browser, as students will be unable to access the test using a regular browser.

Enabling Respondus Lockdown Browser Building Block, Part 1

Image of the Blackboard Control Panel with Tool Availability outlined in a red circle

In order to use the Respondus Lockdown Browser in your Blackboard course, the Lockdown Browser building block must first be enabled.  To enable the building block, log into your Blackboard course and go to the Control Panel.  Click on Customization and select Tool Availability

Enabling Respondus Lockdown Browser Building Block, Part 2

Image of the list of available tools in Blackboard with an arrow pointing to the checkbox to the right of Respondus Lockdown Browser with instructions to enable Lockdown Browser

You will now see a list of all available Blackboard tools.  Scroll down until you reach an item labeled Respondus Lockdown Browser and check the box next to it to activate the tool.  When you are finished, scroll down to the bottom and press Submit.