Navigation Within Blackboard

Every Blackboard course is designed depending upon the instructor. However, there are a few common features among all Blackboard courses that are outlined in this guide.

My Institution Page

1. Page Header: Click here to access your Blackboard settings and notifications.

2. Logout Button: Click here to logout of Blackboard.

3. Student Support Tab: Find useful Blackboard information and access to help. Information for the UT Blackboard Help Desk is available, along with a live-chat feature to talk in real-time with someone at the Help Desk.

4. My Institution Tab: Click this button in any course to be taken back to the My Institution page, the welcome page in Blackboard.

5. Tools: Access announcements, your calendar, tasks, grades, send email, change personal information, or view goals and assessments associated with your courses.

6. Report Card: A summary of all your grades from all courses are within this box.

7. To Do: This box contains assignments that your instructors have marked with a specific due date.

8. Course List: A list of all your current courses will appear in this box. To access one of the courses, click the title of the course.

9. What's New: Recent changes and updates by instructors and other students in your courses will appear here.

10. Announcements: Current announcements from all courses appear in this box. To manage your personal settings for announcements, click the gear icon that appears when hovering in the upper-right corner of the Announcements box.

Course Menu

Course menu

The course menu consists of all the buttons on the left side of the course page. This is where all content in your course is organized. Click on each of the buttons in your courses to familiarize yourself with how the course is designed.

To navigate from course to course without going back to the My Institution page, click the drop-down menu in the current course and select another course.