Viewing Assignment Feedback in My Grades

This guide will show you how to access feedback from instructors for assignments.

Access MyGrades

Image of the Blackboard course menu with My Grades highlighted with a red circle.

Access your grades by clicking the appropriate button in the course menu.

Feedback Summary

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.31.15 PM.png

You will now see a screen labeled My Grades that lists all the course assignments, as well as grades and feedback for each graded assignment. To see the full written feedback from your instructor in MyGrades, click the speech bubble to the left of your grade.

Access Full Feedback

The title of an assignment is circled

To access full feedback and changes your instructor suggested, click on the title of the assignment

Review Feedback

The submission history is shown

1. Review comments and markups from your instructor.

2. Review assigned grade from the instructor.

3. This button allows you to download your submission.

4. Review comments from your instructor.

5. Click OK to exit.