Currently the only Evidence that can be collected out of Bb Learn courses and into Outcomes Evidence Collection projects are native Blackboard Learn Assignments.

This does not include:

  • Tests
  • Test Questions
  • Safe Assignments
  • Other gradable content in the course (such as discussions, blogs, journals, wikis, etc).
  • Grades

Once Goals have been created in the system, they must be aligned to the course assignment in order to collect from the Blackboard Learn course. Alignments can be made by a representative at the program or institution level, or by faculty within the course. This is a decision every institution will need to make depending on their unique assessment plans. By default, privileges associated with the Faculty Course Role allow faculty to add alignments to their coursework.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For any Assignment where student anonymity is desired during the Artifact Evaulation process, instructors should tell their students not to include their names on any submitted document(s) for that Assignment. Although the system can assign a unique numeric string to each submitted Assignment for identification purposes, the students will not remain anonymous to the Evaluator(s) if they have included their names on the submitted document(s).