Aligning Course Assignments to Goals

NOTE: If the user assigned to create Evidence Collection projects in Outcomes is not the faculty member, they will need to be assigned the Course Administrator System Role in order to access the System Admin tab and the Courses. Faculty can access their courses directly without the need of entering the System Admin tab.

Step 1 - Click the My Institution Tab

Step 1 - Click the My Institution Tab
  1. Select the My Institution tab to see your Course List.
  2. Select the course containing the Assessment(s) to be collected--the course home page will be displayed.

Step 2 - Select the Content Area Containing the Appropriate Assignment

Click on the Content Area link in the Course Menu containing the appropriate course Assignment.

Step 3 - Add Alignments

  1. Click the chevron just to the right of the name of the Assignment.
  2. Selec Add Alignments from the drop-down menu--the Discover Goals page is displayed (as shown below).

The Discover Goals Page

The Discover Goals Page

Use the Browse Criteria to filter the Goals displayed

Use the Browse Criteria to filter the Goals displayed

Use the Browse Criteria menu to set filters to help easily sort for the desired Goal(s).

  1. Goal Set Type relates to the Set Type entered when creating the Goal.
  2. Goal Set relates to the Goal Set that the Goal was created under.
  3. Category relates to the Category created for the Goal.
  4. Goal Type relates to the Goal Type entered when creating the Goal.


Select the desired Goals

Select the desired Goals
  1. Select the checkbox(es) beside the Goal(s) to be aligned to this Assignment.
  2. Then click Submit.

Assignment is now Aligned to the selected Goals

The Content page is redisplayed listing the Goals aligned to the Assignment under the assignment name.

To delete or hide the Aligned Goals.

  1. Choose the  (Remove Alignment) button to remove the goal from the assignment.
  2. Choose the  (Student Visibility Off) button to toggle the Goal from not being displayed to students (default) to Student visibility On.