Overview of Goals

IMPORTANT NOTE: The UT Office of Assessment will be creating all the Goals, Goal Sets, and Goal Categories in order to maintain an organized naming convention and reduce errors on this critical step.

Goals can be accessed by all users via the Goals and Assessments link under Tools on the My Institution tab or by clicking on the View Goals button just under the Outcomes Assessment tab (as shown below).  

Goals can be created by those who have been given a System Administrator Role, Goals Manager System role, or those who have Goals related privileges associated to another System Role. Once goals are created, they can be aligned to assignments in courses used for Evidence Collection projects.

There are three primary steps to creating goals:

  1. Create the Goal Set.
  2. Create the Goal Category.
  3. Create the Goal.

It is highly recommended that a standard naming convention be used for Goal Sets, Set Types, Category, and Goals. Each of these elements is used as a filter to find specific goals in the system after they have been created. A sample naming convention is as follows:

  1. Goal Set use the name or acronym for the College or Division that the set of goals will belong to, e.g. School of Education or Humanities Division.
  2. Goal Category include the program using in the category along with the goal set name,  e.g. ACS  Undergraduate or ACS  Graduate
  3. Goals  use a numbering system along with the goal set and category name, e.g. ACS  Graduate  01: Name of the Goal.


Accessing Goals via the My Institution Tab

  1. First click the My Institution tab located at the top of your Blackboard Learn screen.
  2. Then click the Goals and Assessments link located under the Tools heading.

Accessing Goals via the Outcomes Assessment Tab

  1. First click the Outcomes Assessment tab at the top of your Blackboard Learn screen.
  2. Then click the View Goals button located just below the Outcomes Assessment tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Outcomes Assessment tab will only be available to departmental representatives that have contacted Alana Malik and have received prior approval to use the system.