Creating a Goal

Once the Goal Set and Goal Category are created, the individual goals are created. Again, the naming conventions for the individual goals are important as the name can be used as a filter to find the goal later. A naming convention for goals might include a numbering system along with the goal set and category name,  e.g. ACS  Graduate  01: Name of the Goal.

Select the Appropriate Goal Set and Category

Select the Appropriate Goal Set and Category

Once you have selected the appropriate Goal Set and Category, click the Add Goal button.

Fill out the Create Goal pop-up box

Fill out the Create Goal pop-up box
  1. Enter the Goal ID using the naming convention established.

    NOTE: The Goal ID is actually the Name of the goal.  e.g. Critical Thinking.
  2. Re-enter the Goal ID for the Unique ID.

    NOTE: The Unique ID will be generated by the system if left blank. If that is done, it will be extremely difficult to find the Goal by searching by the ID number. It is highly recommended that you enter your own Unique ID based on your naming conventions.
  3. Enter the Text for the goal--this is the full description of the goal.

    NOTE: Goals in the system are “sorted” by the Text field. In order for them to appear alphabetically, the Goal ID, preceded by a number (01, 02… 10, etc.), should be reentered at the beginning of the Text field.
  4. Enter the Goal Type or select an existing Goal Type:

    Begin typing in the name for the Goal Type. If the Goal Type has already been created, the existing name will be displayed. Select the Goal Type name from the list.
  5. Choose the desired Status for the goal.

    Active: the goal is displayed in the system.
    Inactive: the goal is not displayed in the system.
    Restricted Use: the goal can only be aligned in courses that have been associated to   a category in the goal set.
  6. Choose the appropriate button to save the new goal:

    Save and Add Another – to create another goal in the category.
    Save and Add Child – to add a sub-goal to the goal created.
    Submit – to save the goal and return to the Goals page.