Sharing Audio

This guide will demonstrate how to share audio to participants in a Class Collaborate session. For the best audio experience, we recommend working individually in a quiet environment with a headset microphone. If you are experiencing problems with your audio, you can switch to your telephone to listen to the session audio, or you can adjust your audio and video settings to select the correct input and adjust volume levels..

Sharing Audio, Part 1

Image of the Blackboard Collaborate room with an arrow pointing to the Share Audio button.

Once you are in a Collaborate session, click the Share Audio Button (microphone icon) to share your audio.

Sharing Audio, Part 2

Image of the Collaborate interface showing audio sharing active.

After clicking the Share Audio button, the button will turn green, and the bar in the microphone represents your speaking volume level. When you are finished, click the Share Audio button again to mute your audio.