Using Collaborate in Blackboard Course Groups

This guide will demonstrate how to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra within course groups.

Note: Your instructor must enable Blackboard Collaborate as a group tool in order for students to access it. Instructors can also permit or prohibit students from creating and viewing recordings in the Collaborate room.

Opening Collaborate Rooms in Groups, Part 1

To access Collaborate rooms in a Group:

  1. Click on the Groups link in the course menu (or click on Collaborate under the My Groups link).
  2. Click on the name of the group you would like to access.

Opening Collaborate Rooms in Groups, Part 2

To access Collaborate, click on  the Collaborate link under Group Tools.

Joining the Group Room

  1. To join the group room, click the Join Room button.
  2. Group room recordings will appear here, if the option to record is enabled.