Scheduling a Proctor U Test

This guide will explain how to schedule a test in the Proctor U portal.

Scheduling a Test

To schedule a test, log into your proctor U account at, click the Proctor U link in your Blackboard course, or click the link in your exam invitation email.

On your Proctor U dashboard, click Schedule New Session

Selecting your Exam

On the next screen:

  1. Confirm your institution: Select University of Toledo as your institution
  2. Select Term: Select the current term you are enrolled in.
  3. Select your Exam: Select the title of the exam you wish to register for.
  4. Click the Find Sessions button to view available sessions.

Scheduling your Session

On the next screen, you will be asked to schedule your session.

  1. Select a Date: Use the date selector to select the date you wish to schedule your test.
  2. Select a Time: Select which time you wish to test on your selected day.
  3. Select a session for the selected date and time and click Select to register.

You will then be asked to enter your payment details.  Once your payment has been confirmed, your reservation will be completed. Your appointment will be held for 30 minutes. If you do not complete the payment process within this time, your appointment will be released, and you will need to repeat the process. You will also receive an email with your payment receipt and reservation information


You will see a countdown timer for your scheduled exam in your Proctor U portal.

If you are unable to keep your exam appointment, please be sure to cancel or reschedule your exam prior to the start of the exam. If you do not reschedule or cancel, your appointment will be considered a "no show" and no refunds will be issued.