Taking an Exam in the LockDown Browser iPad App

This guide will demonstrate how to use the LockDown Browser iPad app to take an exam. You will need to download the app through the App Store prior to using the service. 

Your instructor must first enable a setting to allow students to use the iPad app for taking exams in LockDown Browser. Please contact your instructor prior to your scheduled exam if you plan to use this app.

Download the LockDown Browser App

1. Install the LockDown Browser app on your iPad from the App Store.

2. Once downloaded, to open the app, select the Lockdown Browser app on your device's home screen.

The LockDown Browser app requires iOS 11 or higher. If you have an older iPad (4th gen or older), the app may not be supported on your device.

Getting Started with Lockdown Browser

If you are using the app for the first time, you will need to use the search bar to locate the institution name. The name will appear as University of Toledo Distance Learning. Select the institution and then select Blackboard as the server.

Logging in

You will now be presented with the login screen for Blackboard. Enter your UTAD username and password to log in.

Accessing your Course

Screen shot of course list

Select your course from your course list to access your course site.

If you do not see the course menu, click on the round button shown in the top image to expand the course menu. Then select the Exam room in your course, or navigate to the area that houses the test you intend to take.

Click on the name of the test to start your test.

Starting your Exam

You will now see the instructions for the exam you plan to take. Click the Begin button to start your exam.

You will now be presented with the terms of use for the Lockdown Browser App. Click Agree to continue to your exam.

You will now see a screen similar to the one above indicating that your exam is loading and is about to start.

You will be asked to lock the orientation for the exam. Once you do this, the orientation for the exam will be locked, and you will be unable to change it. If you are taking an exam that requires Monitor (where you are being monitored through your webcam, you will be presented with additional steps.

You will be asked to start Single App Mode on your iPad. Click Yes to allow this setting. This mode will disable app switching, screen captures, and copying and pasting. You will then be taken to your exam, and you would take the exam as you normally would.