Live Instructor Proctoring: What to Expect on Test Day

Your instructor will set up a video conferencing meeting using Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet or Zoom. You will join the meeting at the time and day of the test. Your instructor will provide you with a passcode to begin the test. 

Once you have started the test, your instructor will see and hear you as well as you will hear your instructor. The video conferencing system will not be accessible until you have completed the test. 

Be sure to download Respondus LockDown Browser before the day of the test. Windows, MacOS, and the new Chromebook Extension are supported devices for Live Proctoring in LockDown Browser.

LockDown Browser for iPad is not supported for the Live Proctoring option with LockDown Browser. An iPad does not allow you to run a video conferencing app and LockDown Browser at the same time.