Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser on Chromebook

This guide will demonstrate how to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser software, which is required for taking exams that require Lockdown Browser or Monitor

In order to download Respondus Lockdown Browser, you must have administrative rights to the computer you are using. If your school owns your Chromebook, you must contact your school's computer administrator for assistance with LockDown Browser.

This guide is for enabling the Chrome extension for Respondus LockDown Browser on a Chromebook. For other installations, such as Windows, Mac, or iPad, see additional guides in this series.

Important Note: Each institution that licenses Respondus Lockdown Browser has a version of the browser that is unique to that institution, and automatically directs learners to the institution's learning management system login page. If you require Respondus LockDown Browser for one of your courses, do not perform a web search for the LockDown Browser installer. Please follow the instructions on this page for installing the LockDown Browser on your computer. If you get another institution's login page, or if your credentials do not work to log in, it may be the case that you have downloaded another institution's version of the LockDown Browser.

Accessing the LockDown Browser from the Student Support Tab

Screen shot of institution page

While logged into Blackboard:

1. Select the Institution Page.

2. Select Software Download Center.

Accessing the LockDown Browser from the UToledo Online Software Center

You will now be taken to the UToledo Online Software Center. You will find a link for Respondus LockDown Browser in the Web Browsers section. The Software Center can be directly accessed here.

Enabling the LockDown Browser Chrome Extension on Chromebook

To install the new extension to a student-owned Chromebook, you will need to use the regular LockDown Browser installation link for your school (you will NOT be able to search for the app directly from the Chrome web store.)

The LockDown Browser installation link will direct you to the Chrome web store, at which point you should select “Add to Chrome” to install the LockDown Browser Extension. 

You will be prompted to select Add extension

Now that the Lockdown Browser has been installed, locate the test in Blackboard.

Known Issues with LockDown Browser on Chromebook


  • LockDown Browser’s Calculator and Spreadsheet features aren’t currently supported in Chromebook.
  • The extended keyboard functions (for adding symbols and special characters) isn’t currently available. This means if you need to add symbols to your answers, such as with chemistry and math exams, you won't be able to do so using LockDown Browser on Chromebook.
  • LockDown Browser’s “Help Center” is currently unavailable, and there is no Live Chat support for students taking exams that require Respondus Monitor.
  • "Allow access to specific external web domains" option is currently not supported. This means if your instructor allows access to certain websites during your exam, you would not be able to access them if you use a Chromebook. 

If any of the above affect your test, you may want to find a Windows or Mac computer to take your test requiring LockDown Browser. If you are close to campus, computers in UToledo's Carlson Library are equipped with LockDown Browser and free to use.