Downloading Respondus LockDown Browser (Mac)

This guide will demonstrate how to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser software, which is required for taking exams that require LockDown Browser or Monitor

In order to download Respondus LockDown Browser, you must have administrative rights to the computer you are using.

This guide is for downloading Respondus LockDown Browser on Mac OS 10.12 or higher. For other installations, such as Windows, iPad, or Chromebook, see additional guides in this series.

Important Note: Each institution that licenses Respondus LockDown Browser has a version of the browser that is unique to that institution, and automatically directs learners to the institution's learning management system login page. If you require Respondus Lockdown Browser for one of your courses, do not perform a web search for the LockDown Browser installer. Please follow the instructions on this page for installing the LockDown Browser on your computer. If you get another institution's login page, or if your credentials do not work to log in, it may be the case that you have downloaded another institution's version of the LockDown Browser.

Downloading the LockDown Browser from the Student Support Tab

Screen shot of institution page and software center download

While logged into Blackboard:

1. Select the Institution Page.

2. SelectSoftware Download Center.

Downloading the LockDown Browser from the UToledo Online Software Center

You will now be taken to the UToledo Online Software Center. You will find a link for Respondus LockDown Browser in the Web Browsers section. The Software Center can be directly accessed here.

Downloading the LockDown Browser

You will now be taken to a Respondus site where you can download the software. The website will automatically detect the type of computer you are using, so you will be assured that you are downloading the correct version of the software. This link also has an informational video about using LockDown Browser.

To begin downloading and installing the software, click the Install Now button. You will then be prompted to save the file on your computer, then you can open the file and follow the prompts to install the software.

Saving the Installer Package

You will now be asked to save the installer package on your computer. Select a location to save the package and click the Save button.

Opening the Installer Package


Open the folder in which you had saved the installer package, and click on the installer package


After opening the package, you should see the installer file listed. The installer package has a icon that looks like an open cardboard box.

Installing the LockDown Browser Software


You will now see the installer on your screen. You will be presented with a dialog box saying "This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed." Click the Continue button to run the program and start the install process.

Install Respondus LockDown Browser

You will now see a screen labeled Welcome to the Respondus LockDown Browser Installer. To begin the install, click the Continue button at the bottom and follow the prompts.

Software License Agreement

Install Respondus LockDown Browser

You will now be presented with the software license agreement. You can choose to print or save the agreement for future reference. When you are ready, click Continue to move onto the next step.


You will now be asked to agree to the terms of the software license. Click the Agree button to agree to the terms and continue installation.

Select Install Location

Install Respondus LockDown Browser

You will now be asked to select where to install the LockDown Browser. The default location is the Applications folder on your computer. If you wish to install it in a different location, click the Change Install Location button. Click the Install button to begin installing the software.

Your computer will now ask for your local administrative username and password to install the software. The installation process will now commence.


You will receive a notification that the installation process has been successful.

Having trouble? See the Troubleshooting guide for Respondus.