Accessing the Virtual Lab on Mac

This guide will demonstrate how to access the Virtual Lab from a Mac.

Downloading the VMware Horizon Client, Part 1

You will now see a screen listing the available client download links:

  1. Please select the appropriate software for your operating system you are currently using.
  2. Select the Go to Downloads link on the right.

Downloading the VMWare Horizon Client, Part 2

Click the Download button to download the software and to select a location on your computer to install the software.

Installing the Client

Image of the End User License Agreement screen with an arrow pointing to the Agree button

Open the file you downloaded on your computer and Agree to the license agreement.

Finishing Installation

Image of the VMware Horizon Client Installation screen with text indicating to drag the VMware Horizon Client icon into the Applications folder

After the file has been unpackaged, you will see a screen similar to the one above. Click on the VMware Horizon file and move it into the Applications folder.

Opening the Application

Image of the Applications folder with an arrow pointing to the VMware Horizon Client icon.

Open your computer's Applications folder and click on the VMware Horizon icon

Entering the Server Name

Image of the VMWare Horizon Client software with the following annotations: 1.Click on New Server.2.In the screen that pops up, type in the Connection Server field.3.Click Connect.
  1. Click on New Server.
  2. In the screen that pops up, type in the Connection Server field.
  3. Click Connect.

Logging In

Image of the VMware Horizon login screen showing the username and password fields

You will now be prompted to enter your UTAD username and password, and then click Login.

Selecting a Vlab

Image showing a list of available vlabs

You will now see a screen showing all available Vlabs. Click on the lab you wish to open. The Vlab will now launch on your screen.