Evaluating a Self and Peer Evaluation

This guide will demonstrate how to evaluate Self and Peer Evaluations. Blackboard will present each student with randomly selected works to evaluate.

In order for students to participate in the evaluation process, students must have submitted work to be evaluation during the submission period. If a student has not submitted work for evaluation, they will not be able to evaluate work.

Accessing the Self and Peer Assessment

In the course, locate the Self and Peer assessment you wish to complete evaluations for and click the View/Complete Assessment link during the evaluation period.

Evaluation Overview

You will now see a page labeled Evaluation Overview. On this screen, you will see a list of evaluations that have been selected for you to complete and the status of the evaluation. To start an evaluation, click on the desired link under the Name column.

Submitting an Evaluation

You will now see the material needing evaluation on screen. You will see a screen similar to the one above for each question.

  1. Submisison: The user's submission materials will appear here.
  2. Criteria: You will be able to view the provided evaluation criteria here.
  3. Feedback to learner: Enter any feedback for the submission here.
  4. Allocate points: Check the checkbox to assign the total points, or enter the applicable number of points.
  5. Click Save and Submit to save your feedback for the current question.
  6. When finished, click Submit to submit your response to the submission.


Upon submitting your evaluation, a banner will appear indicating that your submission is successful, and the Status will reflect that the evaluation has been completed.