Placement Tests

This guide will demonstrate how to access your online Blackboard placement test at The University of Toledo in the following subjects:

ESL Writing Test

College Algebra


World Languages: French, Spanish, German, or Japanese

Placement tests at The University of Toledo are generally available online and do not require an in-person testing appointment. To request an online placement test, please see the Placement Testing webpage and fill out the request form.

Accessing Your Placement Test in Blackboard

Log in to Blackboard using your UTAD and password.

The default landing page for Blackboard is the Courses menu item. Click on the Organizations menu item directly below it to access the Placement Testing Organization. It may show in a list view, or in icon view, as shown in the images below.

Organization list view

Click on the Organization titled Placement Testing to access the testing site.

Once in the Organization:

1. Be sure to review Test Taking Tips before beginning any Placement Tests.

2. Click on Placement Tests. Any tests you have been assigned will appear there. You will only have access to the tests you've been assigned. Test instructions, time, and other pertinent information will display when you click on the test.

Do not begin the test until you are ready to take it. You will only be allowed one attempt at any placement test in a calendar year. Remember, placement tests are not graded or part of your academic record; instead, they are assure your readiness and place you into the appropriate course level for maximum student success!

The ESL placement test requires Lockdown Browser. Be sure to download the UToledo licensed version of Lockdown Browser prior to your test. Only the UToledo licensed version will work; versions downloaded in a web search will not. Please see the guide for Lockdown Browser for additional information or troubleshooting.

Placement test scores are not available inside Blackboard. Your score will be posted in the myUT portal within 24-48 business hours after completion of your test (excluding weekends). You can check your placement scores by going to your Student Profile in myUT.