Show/Hide Course Menu

This article will show you how to hide and reveal the Main Course Menu. You may want to do this to see more of the primary display area, especially on devices with smaller screens.

Blackboard Learn utilizes a dynamic web page design that is intended to provide a uniform and functional appearance across mobile and desktop devices. If you are working on a desktop computer, the display may vary based on the following factors. If you are viewing Blackboard in the mobile view from a desktop, you can access the standard view by adjusting the following items:

  • Web Browser window size (Enlarge the web browser window to see full desktop view)
  • Web Browser zoom level (Zoom out to view desktop view)
  • Display resolution (Set your display resolution to a larger value)
Screenshot of course menu

If the Course Menu and Control Panel are not visible in your course site, skip to Step 3 to see how to make them visible.

Step 1 - Hover your cursor between the Course Menu and the main display areas

Screenshot of course menu arrow

To hide the course menu, hover your cursor over the edge of the course menu and click on the gray bar or arrow that appears.

Step 2: The Course Menu (and Control Panel) are now collapsed or hidden

Screenshot of course menu collapsed

The main display area now occupies most of the browser window.

Step 3 - To Show or Reveal the Course Menu

Screenshot of collapsed with reveal arrow

Hover your cursor anywhere over this area to select the "reveal arrow" that is now visible.

The Course Menu is now visible

course menu