Resetting UTAD Password

UTAD account passwords expire every six months. Once a password expires, users are unable to log into Blackboard, MyUT, or UT email. When the password expires, it must be reset using the UTAD account management. You will need to know the answer to your security question to reset your password online. If you forget the answer to your security question, or are otherwise unable to reset your password online, you will need to contact the IT helpdesk at 419-530-2400 for assistance.

Access UTAD Account Management

Account Maintenance box highlighted

To access the account management, go to the MyUT login page at and click on Account Maintenance at the top of the screen.

Resetting Your Password

On the next page, click on Forgot UTAD Username/Password or Password Reset (the middle box) to change your password.

Log Into UTAD Account Management

Account Management welcome screen
  1. UT Identifier: Enter your UTAD username or Rocket Number.
  2. Identifier Qualification: Enter your birthdate in the format of MM/DD/YYYY.
  3. Enter the code shown on screen, or click Play Audio to play an audio code, or click Show another code to view a different code.
  4. Click the Find Account button.

Enter Security Question and Reset Password

Security question shown with area to type answer
  1. Security Question: Type the answer to your security question.
  2. New Password: Enter your new password here--Password requirements are shown on the left of the page.
  3. Retype New Password: Retype your new password here. This field must match the value in the above field
  4. Click Change Password to change your password.

Password Change Confirmation

password change confirmation box circled

Click the Confirm button once your password has been changed.

Log Out

Log out link circled

Click the Logout button on the top menu.