Using SafeAssign

SafeAssign in Blackboard's tool that compares submitted assignments to existing works to detect plagiarism.

Locate Assignment in Course

Locate the assignment in your Blackboard course by clicking on the appropriate button in the course menu.

Click on Title of Assignment

Click on the title of the assignment.

Upload Assignment

1. Add comments that you would like the instructor to see.

2. Click Browse... to attach your file.

3. Select the button to agree to submit your paper to the Global Reference Database.

4. Click Submit.

View SafeAssignment

To view your SafeAssignment details, click View/Complete.

SafeAssignment Details

1. Click the text icon to open a new window showing your submission.

2. Click the green arrow icon to download the file you submitted.

3. This is the percent of writing in your paper matching other existing works.

4. Click the green SA Report icon to open a new window with the SafeAssign report.

5. Once your instructor has graded your submission, the grade will appear here.

6. Comments and feedback from the instructor will appear here.