Taking Tests

This guide will show students how to access, navigate, and submit a test.

Locate Test in Course, Part 1

If an instructor deploys a test in Blackboard, students will see the notification in Activity Streams

Screenshot of activity stream

1. Select the course link to open the course.

2. Select the title of the exam for direct access to the exam.

Locate the Test, Part 2

Locate the test in the course by clicking the appropriate button in the course menu.

Screenshot of course news page

1. There may be a link to Quizzes and Exams on the left navigation menu.

2. In Course News under What's New, select Assessments to view the quiz or exam.

Click Title of Test

Screenshot of quizzes and exams link

To access the test, click the title of the test.

Read Instructions and Begin

Screenshot of exam questions

Read all instructions. Then when you are ready to take the test, click Begin.

Answer Questions

Some instructors may choose to have all questions appear on one page. If instructors choose to have questions appear one at a time, use the arrows to navigate through the questions.

Note that if there is a time limit, the remaining time will appear above the questions.

Once you answer all questions, click Save and Submit.

Allow Submission

When prompted to allow submission, click OK.

Review Submission

Screenshot of test submission confirmation

Review your test submission. If your instructor selected the option for test results to be available, click OK to review results.