Viewing Grades and Feedback

This guide will show you how to access grades and feedback

Access Grades, Part 1

Image of activity stream view my grade link

The Activity Stream will provide information when a grade is posted. Select view my grade link to show the grade.

Image of grade

Double click highlighted grade will open to My Grades in that specific Course.

Image of purple box with white X

Select the purple box with the X to go back to the Activity Stream.

Access Grades, Part 2

Image of grades for all courses

Access all grades from all courses in one area.

1. Select the grades option on the left menu.

2. View overall grade for that course.

3. View last graded item for that course.

4. View all work for that course.

Seleting a highlighted overall grade or graded item will open up to My Grades in that specific course.

View Course Progress

Image of pie chart icon

Click the pie chart icon to view course progress.

Image of data in list view

View your grades and activity. Select the grid view option, to view menu data in rows.

Image of headings
image of data under headings

Data will provide the date, average hours in a course, range of average hours in a course, and activity hours.

As the student uses the course more, the data will improve over time.

Access Grades, Part 3

Image of course menu and course link

Access the Courses on the left menu and select the course link.

Image of my grades link

Select My Grades link

Feedback Summary

image of chat bubble icon view grade feedback

You will now see a screen labeled My Grades that lists all the course assignments, as well as grades and feedback for each graded assignment. To see the full written feedback from your instructor in MyGrades, click the speech bubble to the left of your grade.

Access Full Feedback

The title of an assignment is circled

To access full feedback and changes your instructor suggested, click on the title of the assignment

Feedback can be viewed for any graded item that has a speech bubble such as tests, exams, and quizzes.

Review Feedback

The submission history is shown

1. Review comments and markups from your instructor.

2. Review assigned grade from the instructor.

3. This button allows you to download your submission.

4. Review comments from your instructor.

5. Click OK to exit.