Accessing Textbook Information in Blackboard

This guide will demonstrate how students can access their textbook information from within Blackboard. Students can purchase assigned course materials and access digital materials instantly.

Once you log into your Blackboard course, click on the link provided in the course menu by your instructor. This link would likely be labeled Textbook information or Purchase Textbook

Accessing the Barnes and Noble Site in Blackboard

You would then be prompted to sign in to your existing bookstore account or to create a new account if you do not already have an account.

Creating an Account

Fill out all the required information and then click Create Account to set up an account.

Searching for Course Material

To search for course materials:

  1. Term: Select the term you would like to search materials for.
  2. Department: Select the subject code of the course you are enrolled in.
  3. Course: Select the course number you are enrolled in.
  4. Section: Select the section number you are enrolled in.
  5. Add more courses: Click this link to add additional courses.
  6. Find Materials: Click on this button to view and purchase course materials for the selected course.