Viewing Content in Full Screen

This guide will demonstrate how to view content full screen in Echo360.

Viewing Content Part 1

Image of the Echo360 player with an arrow pointing to the content title.

When Echo360 content is accessed from Blackboard, the content cannot be viewed full screen as the content is encapsulated in the Blackboard shell. Therefore, the Echo content needs to be opened in its own window or tab. To do this, right click on the content title at the top of the content window.

Opening Content in a New Window or Tab

image of the web browser's contextual menu with the Open Link in New Tab and Open Link in New Window highlighted in Yellow

After you right click on the title, you will see a menu similar to the one above. Then choose to open the content in a new window or tab.

Viewing Content Full Screen

Image of the Echo360 player with an arrow pointing to the view full screen button.

After opening the new window or tab (you will need to select the new tab manually), hover your mouse in the upper right corner and click on the small icon with two rectangles. Then content will now open in full screen. To exit full screen, click on the icon again or hit the [esc] key on the keyboard.