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Taking an Exam in Respondus LockDown Browser for Blackboard Original Course View

This guide will demonstrate how to take an exam in Respondus LockDown Browser.

This is for Original Course View, go to Ultra Course View.

While taking an exam in Respondus LockDown Browser you will be unable to:

  • Copy and paste text
  • Take screen captures
  • Access other websites or other parts of your course
  • Launch other applications
  • Use chat or email programs

If you are taking an exam using Respondus Monitor, you will be instructed to take your picture, present identification, and provide an overview of your testing environment.

Launching the LockDown Browser

You can launch LockDown Browser from the following locations:

  • Desktop shortcut
  • Applications Folder (Mac)
  • Programs List (Windows) (May be found under the Respondus folder)

The icon for the Mac version looks like a globe with a padlock, while the Windows icon looks like a large padlock.

Closing Applications

image of blocklisted applications dialog box

LockDown Browser will ask you to close any applications that are open. You can click Close Applications to kill them automatically, or click Quit LockDown Browser to exit the browser and manually close applications (recommended if you wish to save work in the applications that Respondus wants to close)

Logging into Blackboard

You will now be asked to log into Blackboard with your UTAD username and password.

Screen shot of course link
Screen shot of link to test and link to exam
  1. Locate your course in your course list
  2. In your course, access the content area in the course menu that houses your exam.
  3. Click on the link for your exam.
  • Exams that require LockDown Browser will be appended with Requires LockDown Browser
  • Exams that require LockDown Browser and Monitor will be appended with (**Webcam**) - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser

Beginning your Exam

Image of Beginning your Exam dialog box

You will now be presented with the Begin Exam screen. Review the exam instructions and click Begin to start the exam. You will be taken to your exam, which you would take as any other exam in Blackboard. The main difference is that if you exit without submitting, you will be asked to provide a rationale for an early exit.