Accessing Respondus Licensing Information

This guide will demonstrate how to access the licensing information for Respondus.

Accessing the Faculty Support Tab

Image of the Blackboard Learn main screen showing the following tabs in the right portion of the main header: My Institution, Faculty Resources, Faculty Support, Student Support. The link labeled Faculty Resources is outlined with a red rectangle with an arrow pointing to it. A text box on screen reads "Click on Faculty Resources."

To access the Faculty Support tab in Blackboard, log into Blackboard and click on the tab labeled Faculty Support.

Image of the box labeled software with the link labeled Get the License highlighted in yellow under Respondus with an arrow pointing to it, with a text bubble reading click on Get the License.

In the Faculty Support tab in Blackboard, locate the box on the right side of the screen labeled Software and Documentation for Faculty. Within this box, locate the item labeled Respondus, and click the link labeled Download It to download the software to your computer.

Viewing the Respondus Licensing Documentation

Image of the Respondus Licensing Documentation page.

You will then see a document labeled Respondus Activation Password for 2015-2016. This screen contains the activation password and local support contacts required for activating Respondus.