Configuring the Live Proctoring Setting in Blackboard

This guide will demonstrate how to set up the LockDown Browser and Live Proctoring settings in Blackboard.

Remember to provide students with instructions and a link to download the correct institutional version of LockDown Browser prior to the test. A web search version of LockDown Browser will not work; students must download the UToledo licensed version to function with our Blackboard environment. To best support the Live Proctoring option, only the Windows or Mac versions of LDB are recommended.

A best practice is to set up a practice exam with LockDown Browser prior to test day so students can troubleshoot any potential issues with their download of LockDown Browser.

Once the exam has been created in Blackboard, navigate to the Course Management menu and expand Course Tools to locate Respondus LockDown Browser

On the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard find the test and select the chevron and select settings.

Select Requires Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam

  1. Select Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam. 
  2. Use the video conferencing drop down to select which web conferencing application you want to use (Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Web Ex are University supported applications). 
  3. Enter in a code in the Start Code box. You will provide this code to students to begin the test on test day. 
  4. Click if you want additional instructions given to students at start of test (optional).
  5. Click the Edit Text link to expand and/or alter the additional instructions
  6. Save and Close.

The start code is not the same as the exam password. The exam password in the Blackboard test canvas test options would allow bypass of LockDown Browser (do not alter this password or it will break the LockDown Browser integration). The start code you create in the LockDown Browser settings will allow students to begin the test in LockDown Browser on test day.

Remember to set up a scheduled video conference in the application you select for test day and communicate it to students.