What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a specially-designed web browser for taking tests in Blackboard.  Respondus Lockdown Browser prevents students from copying, pasting, taking screen captures, using instant messaging programs, accessing other applications, or accessing other websites (unless configured to allow access to specified external sites). More information, including guides and videos for students and instructors can be found at http://respondus.com/products/lockdown-browser/

Respondus also provides demonstration webinars for Faculty on using Lockdown Browser and Monitor. 

About Respondus Lockdown Browser

About Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a secure browser for taking tests in Blackboard.  The lockdown browser is suited for taking tests in a proctored environment, such as in-class exams or in testing centers.  In order to take an exam using Lockdown Browser, students would need to install Lockdown Browser on their own computers.

Respondus Lockdown Browser offers the following benefits:

  • Prevent students from copying and pasting exam contents or responses to written questions.
  • Prevent students from taking screen captures
  • Prevent students from printing the exam
  • Prevent students from accessing instant messaging or email
  • Prevent students from accessing other applications
  • Preventing students from accessing other websites
  • Allows for linking to external content from within the exam (e.g. to show externally hosted photos or videos).  Links in external content are disabled.
  • Allows for test results to be displayed in a secure manner. Students will need to use the Lockdown Browser application to access exam results through the My Grades area.

Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

To use Respondus Lockdown Browser in your course, you will first need to enable the Respondus Lockdown Browser Building Block.  Then, you will be able to enable the Lockdown Browser requirement for individual exams.

Best Practices for Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

  • Communicate to students that your course requires Respondus Lockdown Browser for your course exams, as well as expectations for student behavior during exams.
  • Provide a link for students to download Lockdown Browser within your course
  • Create a practice test using Respondus Lockdown Browser