The Course menu item on the left provides access to all courses. Students will be able to switch between list or grid view and mark courses as favorite. Instructors can navigate between past, present, and future course sites.

Once you enter your course, you will find that courses will continue to look and operate as they do today.

Screenshot of navigating courses

1. Selecting the left arrow will provide options to go to previous semesters.

2. Selecting Current Courses will provide a list of semesters students can choose to go to and view courses from different semesters.

3. Selecting Upcoming Courses will open up the page for the next semester.

4. Courses can be viewed in list view or grid view. By default, the courses are shown in list view.

5. The search box allows students to search for courses.

6. When searching for a course, filter through different criteria to narrow down a search.

7. Selecting the star will make that course a favorite and will move it to the top above all courses.

Change Course View from List to Grid

Students can choose how to view courses in list view or grid view.

Screenshot of courses grid view

Select the option that appears as 4 boxes to switch to grid view.

Courses Marked as Private

Courses will show a lock and indicate private when the course  availability has not started or has ended. Upcoming Courses are marked  as private until the first day of class. Previous courses are marked as  private 2 weeks after the course has ended. Students will need to contact the instructor of the course if they are requesting access to a course marked as private.