Submitting an Assignment

This article will cover how to submit an assignment for Blackboard Ultra Courses

If an instructor adds a due date to an assignment, the assignment will appear on the student's Activity Stream

Students can select the link directly from the Activity Stream.

Students can select the link to the assignment within the course.

Submitting the Assignment

1. View the Due Date of the assignment.

2. View how many attempts are allowed and are left.

3. An instructor can choose to add SafeAssign.

4. Select View assessment.

1. Select the paper clip to add the assignment as an attachment.

2. Drag and Drop the assignment to the text box.

3. Select submit.

A box will pop up to allow to Close or Save.

1, Select the elipsis, 3 dots, to delete or edit.

2. Select the drop down arrow to add a thumbnail, outline or annotations

3. Select the printer to print the assignment.

4. Select the down arrow in a box to download the assignment.

5. Select the magnifying glass to search within the assignment.

6. Select Save and Close will allow students to go back in later to continue the attempt and submit the assignment when ready.

7. Select Submit.

A box will pop up confirming the submission.

A box will pop up providing submission details, students can close or download the details.

Students will receive and email that the assignment was submitted, if you do not receive the email check your quarantine messages or please contact UToledo Online.

If a student select Save and Close, the assignment will provide an option to go in and continue the attempt and select submit. Instructors will not see the assignment until the assignment is submitted.

View Assignment in Gradebook

Select Gradebook at the top menu items. Select the assignment link to view the submission.

Submitting an Assignment Video Tutorial