Viewing and Sending Messages

This guide will demonstrate how to view messages in Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View

Accessing Messages

image showing arrow pointing to the messages link

Within your Learn Ultra Course, click on the Messages link in the top banner.

Course Messages Overview

Image showing course messages interface.

The image above shows the course messaging tools in Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View.

  1. New Message: Click the New Message button to send a message
  2. Course Messages: Your messages will appear here.
  3. Delete Message: To delete a message, click the trash can button.
  4. Page views: Select the number of messages per page to display.

Composing a Message

image showing course messages with arrow pointing to new message button.

To compose a message, open the messages link and then click on the New Message button.

Image showing how to send a new message.

You will see a screen labeled New Message. To send a message:

  1. Recipients: Use this field to search for individuals or groups to send a message to. Selected users will appear below the text entry field.
  2. Send email copy to recipients: Check this checkbox to send an email copy of the message  to the user's UToledo email account.
  3. Allow replies to this message: Check this option to allow recipients to reply to the message.
  4. Message: Type the content of your message here.
  5. Click the Send button to send your message.

Replying to a Message

Image showing course messages.

To reply to a message, locate the message you want to reply to and click on it.

image showing how to type a message reply.
  1. The previous message thread will appear at the top.
  2. Send an email copy to recipients: Check this checkbox to send an email copy of the message to the recipient's UToledo email account.
  3. Type a message: Type a response in the text field provided.
  4. Click the Reply button to send the message.