Submitting a Peer Review Assignment

This article will cover how to submit an assignment and then complete a peer review.

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Submitting an Assignment

Image of assignment link

1. After a student submits the assignment and the due date has passed, students may start a peer review.

2. Select the link to the assignment.

Image of start attempt

Select Start Attempt.

Note peer review is unavailable until the assignment is submitted and the due date has passed.

Image of drop box and submit

1. Drage or upload the assignment.

2. Select Submit.

Image of submit

After you submit, you can edit this assignment. Select Submit to continue.

Image of confirmation of submission

You will receive a confirmation email. Students will want to choose 1 of the 2 choices.

1. Select Close.

2. Or, Select Download.

Start a Peer Review

Image of assignment link

Select the assignment link.

Image of start peer reviews

Select Start peer reviews.

Image of feedback for student

1. Assignment Content is any content the instructor added such as documents, PDF's, or PowerPoints.

2. Submission Content is the student/peer's submission.

3. Add your review of the submission.

4. Select Submit.

5. Select the right arrow to move to the next peer.


Students will not see their peer reviews until after the instructor has posted the grade.