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Online education is growing rapidly and allows for a variety of innovative learning experiences. How do you design and deliver a state-of-the-art online course? This online faculty handbook is a resource to help you to create an engaging, quality educational environment where students can succeed. 

This handbook was developed by a group of UToledo Online instructional designers and educational technologists based on their expertise, experiences with online teaching and learning, and the current pedagogies and best practices of online education. It reflects the joint efforts and insights of the UToledo Online team.  

The handbook is for any instructor or teaching assistant who is preparing to teach online.  Whether you are a new or experienced online instructor, we hope that this handbook will serve as a guide and reference tool to help you understand the fundamentals of online teaching and learning.  

We’ve incorporated many topics to prepare you for the online teaching and course design journey. These topics include mastering online course design skills, applying technology to teach online, copyright and accessibility considerations, and other policies and guidelines.  

It is our sincere hope that this handbook provides you with the pedagogical knowledge and technical skills to lead you to a rewarding and revitalizing online teaching experience.  

Welcome to the Online Faculty Handbook!