What is Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Monitor is a video monitoring service that uses the Respondus Lockdown Browser. It serves as deterrent to students using secondary computers, phones, calculators, textbooks, or receiving assistance from other students.  After a student has taken an exam, instructors can review sessions to check for any suspect behavior.  Respondus Monitor is suitable for low or medium-stakes exams that require student monitoring. Students can use either an internal or external webcam with Respondus Monitor.  Additional information regarding Respondus Monitor can be found at http://respondus.com/products/monitor/. Note: Respondus Monitor creates a video for the instructor to review at a later time.  It is not a remote live proctoring program.

About Respondus Monitor

About Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor utilitizes the same Lockdown Browser product that students use to take exams that require Lockdown Browser.  Therefore, students do not have to download any additional software other than the Lockdown Browser to take monitored exams.

Respondus Monitor offers the following benefits for instructors:

  • Serves as a deterrent to students using unauthorized testing aids
  • Records both audio and video, allowing instructors to monitor student behavior, or use for oral exams.
  • Instructors can request students to check ID and their surroundings.
  • Instructors can view results of exam sessions within Blackboard, and do not have to log into a separate website
  • Respondus provides thumbnails taken at random intervals, enabling instructors to quickly scan for any suspicious behavior
  • If instructor spots suspicious behavior, they can watch the video and flag any suspicious activity.
  • Videos are available to instructors at for at least a year.

Using Respondus Monitor

Best Practices for Using Respondus Monitor

  • Communicate to students that your course requires Respondus Monitor for your course exams.
  • Provide a link for students to download Lockdown Browser within your course
  • Create a practice test using Respondus Monitor
  • Advise students to clear their browsing history in Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac) prior to starting an exam.  In addition, students should modify the security level in Internet Explorer to Medium. Respondus Lockdown Browser is based off Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for Mac, and uses those browsers to render web pages.
  • If you suspect a problem, and you wish to have your college dean or department chair review a video, you can simply add that person to your course, and they will have access to the session recordings.