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Embedding Content in Blackboard Using the Echo360 Mashup Tool

This guide will demonstrate how to use the Echo360 Video Library Mashup tool to embed Echo360 videos in content items.

Creating a Content Item in Blackboard

In an open content area in Blackboard,

  1. Click Build Content at the top of the page
  2. Select Item from the menu

Accessing the Echo360 Video Library Mashup Tool

  1. Name: Enter a name for the content item
  2. Mashups: Click on the Mashups button in the third row of the Blackboard Text Editor toolbar.
  3. Select Echo360 Video Library from the list.
image of the blackboard text editor with an arrow pointing to the double chevron button

If you do not see the Mashups button and only see one row, click the double chevron button in the upper right hand corner to expand the toolbar in order to see all text editor options

Searching Video Content

To search for Echo360 content under Choose From My Home

  1. Search: Enter search terms in the search bar.
  2. Filter: Click the Filter button to filter by course/section/term (see step below for details).
  3. Select which video from the list you wish to use.
Filtering Content

To filter the displayed content:

  1. Term: Select a term to view content from a specific term.
  2. Course: Select a course to view content uploaded to a specific course.
  3. Clear All: Click this button to clear selected filters.
  4. Apply: Click the Apply button to apply the selected filters to the shown results.

Inserting a Video

  1. Select size: Use the dropdown menu to select the embedded video size.
  2. Start at: Click here to modify the start time for the video
  3. Autoplay: Select this option to automatically play the video (recommended setting is off)
  4. Automute: Select this option to mute the audio volume by default.
  5. Link: Select this option to create a link to the video instead of embedding (recommended for assignment submissions, as the embed feature does not work for assignments).
  6. Authenticate: Select this option to require users to log in with Echo360 in order to view the video.
  7. Click the Insert button to insert the video into the text editor.

Institutional charges for Echo360 are usage based. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the Autoplay feature.

Finishing Up

Your video will appear as a yellow box, as pictured, when you insert it. Don't be alarmed. The video will appear in the window after you click submit. 

After selecting a video, click the Submit button to create the item.

When you click submit, Blackboard may return an error that the submission is empty; however, if the yellow box is populated in the window, the video will populate after you hit submit. This is a known bug in the Blackboard interface. You can also avoid this pop-up error by writing a small amount of text before or after the mash-up insertion in the text box. 


The video will now be embedded in a Blackboard content item.