Lecture Capture: Echo360

Introduction to Echo 360 Active Learning Platform

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is a service that integrates personal and classroom video capture, student engagement tools, and analytic tools to maximize student participation and engagement for both campus-based and online courses. To get started with Echo360, refer to the Getting Started with Echo 360 Active Learning Platform page. Upon access to the guide, you may navigate through the pages for related content.

Using Echo 360 in Blackboard

To use Echo360 in Blackboard, you can generate an automatic course section and use it as a repository for your course videos and then link this course section to your Blackboard course. Refer to the Using Echo 360 in Blackboard page on how to create Echo360 course sections and link them to Blackboard.

Echo 360 Universal Capture

Echo360 Universal Capture allows users to capture video from both the webcam and desktop simultaneously. You can download the Echo360 Universal Capture on your personal or work computer and use it to record professional high-quality videos. Prior to recording, you can select which screen/video inputs you wish to use. The Echo360 Universal Capture software does not have editing, or the ability to save offline copies. Editing can be done within your web browser using the Active Learning Platform, or the video can be downloaded, edited with video editing software, and then uploaded to the Echo360 server. Refer to the Echo 360 Universal Capture page for the step-by-step guide on downloading and reading your videos.

Managing Echo 360 Courses, Interaction, and Content

Once you have completed the video recording, it is uploaded to your echo360 active learning platform library. To access the echo360 active learning platform, visit www.echo360.org and enter your UToledo email address and click submit. You will be directed to UToledo's institutional login page, where you will be prompted to enter your UTAD username and password. You will now see a default landing page. You can navigate through the site to access your Echo360 courses and sections, upload pre-recorded videos, manage and edit your videos, add and maintain interactive features, and refer to the analytics.

Refer to the respective link below for the step-by-step guides on managing courses, interaction, and content. Upon access to the guide, you may navigate through the pages for related content:

Managing Courses and Interaction
Manage the Content of Your Account

Automated Classroom Capture

Echo360 in the classroom can be scheduled so that lectures are automatically recorded, and they can also be automatically uploaded to Blackboard. If you are using scheduled recordings in a room with software capture, only the room computer will be able to be captured. You will need to log in to the room computer each class period for the automatic capture to begin. If you wish to use your own computer, you will need to launch the capture software on your computer and manually start each recording. See this guide for more information: Scheduling an Automatic Capture

Student Video Submissions

Students can also use Echo360 Universal Capture. If you require students to record videos and upload them to the Blackboard course site, then you will need to share the following documentation link with your students to get started with Echo360. This Echo 360 Student Guides page contains step-by-step navigation to downloading and using Echo360 for students.