Capturing Video in Classrooms

In addition to using Echo360 as a media repository for videos recorded using the Universal Capture: Personal application or uploaded from other sources, Echo360 can also be used to schedule video recordings in classrooms. There are two types of Classroom recording: Hardware and software recording. Automated recordings can be sent to your Echo360 section and linked to your Blackboard course, or recordings can be sent to your library for uploading later

Important! You must log into Blackboard and link your Blackboard course to Echo360 prior to requesting scheduled recordings

Hardware Capture

Hardware capture uses specialized hardware devices to record classroom audio and video.

This list contains a list of all classrooms that have Echo360 hardware capture).  Classrooms with Echo360 hardware can typically capture all devices routed to the projector (including guest devices and document cameras.) If you are in a classroom with an Echo360 POD device, you can perform an ad hoc capture by pressing the red Record button on the device. After performing an ad hoc capture, contact UToledo Online support to associate the video with your Echo360 account.

Health Science Campus

  • BHS 375, 436A, 480
  • COB 1035, 1200, 1210, 1220, 1230
  • HEB 100, 105, 110

Main Campus

  • BO 1099
  • CL 0500C, 2024
  • Doermann Theatre
  • FH 1060, 2100 (no camera; room computer only)
  • GH 3050, 4700, 5200
  • HH 2301, 2303, 2305, Mock Courtroom
  • MH 1005
  • PL 3020
  • RH 1550, 1554, 1558
  • WO 1201 (no camera)

Software Capture

Other classrooms have Universal Capture: Classroom installed on the room computer, with a webcam plugged into the computer. Recordings can either be scheduled in advance or on an ad-hoc basis. Recording with the classroom software follows the same process as recording on the Universal Capture: Personal application. However, recordings are limited to two hours, but the time can be extended as necessary.

For scheduled captures, you will need to log in to the room computer each class period for the automatic capture to begin.

Schedule Your Classroom Recordings

Please complete the classroom recording request form at this link:

Echo360 Classroom Recording Request

Note: If you are using scheduled recordings in a room with software capture, only the room computer will be able to be captured. If you wish to use your own computer, you would need to launch the capture software on your computer and manually start each recording.