Accessing Poll Results

Blackboard allows instructors to download poll results. Instructors can see how each student responded to poll questions

Where to Find Poll Results

You can view the Poll Results using the Reports option for the selected session.

Access your Collaborate Session(s)

Access your Collaborate Ultra Session(s)

First click on the Collaborate Content Area link in the main menu of your course. Then click on the Collaborate Sessions link in the Content Area--you should now see the Sessions page with a listing of your Collaborate Sessions.

Selecting View Reports

Selecting View Reports
  1. Click on the Sessions Options button for the Session that you wish to access Poll Results for.
  2. Then click on View Reports from the drop-down menu.

You should now see the Session Reports screen with a listing of each our your sessions as shown below.

Downloading Poll Data

Select View Report

To download the Poll Results, click on the Download button in the column labeled Polls. This link will download a spreadsheet with the answer choices from the student.

The default view shows session reports created in the last 30 days. If you do not see any reports, or if you are looking for an older report, click on Show Recent Reports at the top and select Reports in a Range, and then specify the date range you wish to view.